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The Jewish Museum

The Jewish Museum in Berlin is completely unusual and sensual. A both frightening and breathtaking experience that you do not go unaffected from. The site documents almost 2000 years of German-Jewish history. At the same time, it is known

Berlin app

From the right Berliners to you: 600 personal tips for what to see, hear, eat or experience in Berlin - all packed in

Berlin TV Tower

The city's high-strung icon Most major metros have a particular building that, right away, can make it clear that now we are

Pergamon Museum - Ancient, Islamic Art

The Pergamon Museum's archaeological collections - one of many museums on the Museum Island - contain ancient Egyptian, Hellenistic and Byzantine cultures in the Middle East. Among other things, the beautiful Pergamon altar, and

Elefantporten i Berlin Zoo

Berlin Zoo

If you come to Berlin in the warmer half of the year, you must not deceive yourself for a trip to the Zoo. In Berlin Zoo

At the Christmas market in Berlin

The Germans are good at many things. One of them is Christmas cheer. Just try going to the WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt Christmas market in Berlin. With one of the

The Reichstag - Reichstag is worth a visit

The Reichstag - the Reichstag in Danish - is the gathering place of the German government, the Bundestag / Bundestag. The building dates from 1894, but suffered much damage during a major fire in 1933.

Checkpoint Charlie

In the Cold War, it was almost mandatory for spy movies to show Checkpoint Charlie at some point; the very symbol of Berlin in

Museum in Berlin: art, nature, science

If you as a tourist in Berlin want a trip to a museum, then Berlin is a bit distinctive; for here they have chosen to concentrate the museums in four places: Museum Island

Attractions in Berlin

There are many things to see and I would suggest starting with a bus tour sightseeing in Berlin. Then you have got an overview and

Volkswagen Automobil Forum

In the middle of one of Berlin's most attractive neighborhoods, on the corner of “Unter den Linden” (possibly Berlin's most beautiful boulevard) and “Friedrichstrasse” (one of the largest shopping

Bears in the streets of Berlin

Around Berlin you can find the so-called "Buddy Bears". They are about two meters high and made of fiberglass, and stand with their arms above


Shopping in Berlin

If you want to shop in Berlin, it must definitely take place on the Kurfürstendamm - or Ku'Damm as the locals call it. Here have all the major brands


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