Berlin Zoo

Elefantporten i Berlin Zoo

If you come to Berlin in the warmer half of the year, you must not deceive yourself for a trip to the Zoo. IN you will find lots of exciting animals, but set aside a good day for the trip, because it is a very large garden.

Elefantporten i Berlin Zoo
The Elephant Gate, one of two entrances to

covers more than 35 hectares and is thus one of the largest zoos in Germany - there are about 14,000 animals spread over 1,500 different species, which at the same time makes it the most species-rich zoo in the whole world. That in itself makes it worth a visit.

Among all these animals there is, among other things, a large Panda, as far as is known, the oldest in captivity. Like all other pandas, it is on permanent loan from China to take part in worldwide breeding work with this endangered animal.

Another known animal was the polar bear Knut. He was born in Berlin Zoo and quickly became famous when his twin died at birth and the polar bear mother herfeter rejected him. Knut was instead raised by an animal caretaker and in a short time became the pet media of the entire media world. His star status was largely due to the fact that Berlin Zoo in 2007 broke all records with an increase in visitor numbers of about 30 percent! Unfortunately - for both Knut and Berlin Zoo - the polar bear died already in March 2011, when he fell over due to a brain disease, dragged himself into the pool and drowned before the eyes of lots of spectators.

Berlin Zoo is considered to be one of the most visited zoos in Europe, but due to its large area, it does not seem that way - not even on a busy summer day.

The Berlin Zoo was established as early as 1844 and was hit so hard by the bombings during World War II that out of 3700 animals, only 91 remained!

Aquarium and Berlin Zoo

In addition, the Berlin Zoo was expanded in 1913 with a large aquarium, which it is certainly recommended to take with you now that you are there. on three floors you can see fish and other sea creatures in more than 250 aquariums, ranging from jellyfish to sand tiger sharks. Most impressive, however, are probably the twelve basins of a total of more than 25,000 liters, showing different parts of a coral reef.

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