Around Berlin you can find the so-called "Buddy Bears". They are about two meters high and made of fiberglass, and stand with their arms over their heads. The bears are painted individually by a whole lot of artists and originally originated from an exhibition in 2002.

The exhibition was called "United Buddy Bears" and had the message of world peace as an idea. The bears stood hand in hand in a large circle around the "Brandenburg Gate" in Berlin. They were then dispersed, and in most cases ended up in front of the Berlin embassies of the countries they represented or were sent to their home country. Some came up for auction and the money earned was donated to UNICEF. Some of these were bought by companies in Berlin that now have them standing outside their office.

The bears were a huge success, and a new circle was quickly made, which has since traveled the world. Each time they come to a new country, the circle gets bigger and they are each time placed in alphabetical order by the local language. Today there are over 140 in the circle, and it was last shown in Montevideo, Uruguay in May and June this year.

You can read more about the concept here:

In many places in Berlin you can buy mini- in various souvenir shops, or you can buy them at online.

The bears have their own fan page on and there are lots of pictures of the individual bears.

Read more about as Berlin's landmark here.

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