Wall park, park and flea market in Berlin

Mauerpark is a piece of Berlin where the Berlin Wall used to stand, which has been transformed into a beautiful and green area. On one side is a football stadium that is probably not that much by (unless you are a big fan of German football), but on the other side there is something as spectacular as a "new" flea market.

Mauerpark, Berlin - parken hvor berlinmuren faldt

Previously, the area here was part of the "no man's land", which during the Cold War expanded the border between East Berlin and West Berlin.

The park is one of the many green areas in Berlin, and is frequently used by the Berliners who live closest around. Both young and old can be seen here, and on hot summer evenings you can even be lucky that a party is held or in the park. The musical elements are often most popular with the young residents, while it does not really fall in the tastes of the other neighbors. But in general it is Berlin's own park, and with its small and large paths and scattered trees is a nice place to spend an afternoon.

In Bear Pit, it is possible to try Karaokee - or at least it was there in 2012. It started very small, but has gradually developed into a larger influx piece. Sit down and chill out, enjoy the atmosphere and the song from the many more or less talented singers. There are usually most of them without talents - but it still has great entertainment value.

The park stretches from Behmstrasse to Bernauer Strasse.

You can easily walk to the park from station Eberswalder Straße, it is a short and beautiful walk.

Flea market in the park, Flohrmarkt am Mauerpark

The flea market in the wall park“, The flea market by the wall park, is right next to the park. It is a relatively new market, and may not be found in your travel guide even though it is fairly new. Here, people come to the area every Sunday to get rid of different, often exciting things and things they no longer want. You can make some good purchases if you understand how to shop, but otherwise it is also a visit each just for the sake of the atmosphere. The place feels very local and cozy.

The flea market is only open on Sundays, from 8 am to 6 pm. But there is probably the greatest chance of finding the really good buy in the morning…

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