At the Christmas market in Berlin

The Germans are good at many things. One of them is Christmas cheer. Just try taking on the WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin. With one of the many last minute trips from, for example , you do not even have to order the cosiness well in advance. The Christmas market is open from the end of November until the New Year, so you can decide for yourself when you are in the Christmas mood.

In the picturesque square by the German cathedral Deutscher Dom, there have been for almost ten years on Gendarmenmarkt. And Berliners are as proud of it as Copenhageners are of Tivoli. Here the locals and thousands of visitors will find handicrafts, culinary specialties and great Christmas shows. WeihnachtsZauber has become another major attraction in Germany's capital.

This is partly because the market is more than ordinary Christmas stalls with apple slices and mulled wine. Here are also heated tents, where gourmet restaurants serve their winter menus in cozy surroundings. Here is an opportunity to see how traditional crafts are performed as in the old days, for example by a woodcarver, linen seamstress or hat maker. Even the most discerning tend to be able to find a Christmas gift they have not tried to give before.

What kind of stalls can you find at Gendarmenmarkt? Many! And there are new kinds every year. Here is a small selection of the gastronomic of its kind in 2010: Coffee specialties, pyramid cakes, gourmet specialties such as ham from Prague, beer goulash and goose bones, Austrian pancakes, champagne, French oysters, Bavarian potato soup, flatbreads with bacon and much, much more.

In addition to crafts and gastronomy, Gendarmenmarkt also offers high-quality shows, concerts and shows. Especially the opening ceremony at the end of November tends to be a big influx, but in addition there are also performances every night after 1 p.m. 18.00, in 2010 i.a. The Berlin tenors, the Szilvia Wolf Ballet School, the akpella and the Happy Disharmonist. The main attraction was the exceptional artist Martin van Brachts on a once humorous and poetic Nouveau Cirque variety show.

WeihnachtsZauber Gendarmenmarkt concludes with a New Year's party on 31 December.

If you think Berlin is a little too far from the border for a visit to the Christmas market, you do not have to go further than to Hamburg to experience a bit of the same Christmas atmosphere. The northern German city is also not left behind when the home tree of the Christmas tree is to celebrate the year's biggest tradition. There are many Christmas markets to choose from, but the nicest of them all can be found in the square in front of the town hall.

In addition to stalls and Christmas presents, there are also old-fashioned carousels that can bring the Christmas light to the eyes of even the adults. The children can try their hand at many different crafts, and every day at 16.00, 18.00 and 20.00 Santa Claus flies high over the city roofs. The Christmas markets in Hamburg usually also start at the end of November.

A real Christmas is German Christmas. Search and find cheap hotels in Berlin at! Have a good trip and Merry Christmas!

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