Shopping in Berlin


If you want to shop in Berlin, it must definitely take place on the Kurfürstendamm - or Ku'Damm as the locals call it. Here, all the major brands have their own department stores. Within 100 meters you will find e.g. branded stores for both Adidas, Puma and Nike. 

Shop at Kurfürstendam

There are lots of windows to be inspired by, and if you go inside you will easily find something to spend your money on, shopping is fun. And that whether you are into fashion clothes or just something more special.

In general, Ku'Damm is probably a slightly expensive place to shop, but start at the end of the street that faces Zoo - it is the most interesting shops.

Karstadt is an ordinary department store with many different items at the more expensive end.

If you want to find something really special or just expensive, try a trip to KaDeWe (an abbreviation for Kaufhaus des Westen). It can be fun to take a walk up to the 6th floor and look at all the exciting things you can eat - if you have enough money!

If you want to find something a little different, then it may well be worth taking a trip out into one of the side streets to Ku'Damm. Here you can easily find exciting shops with different products, things you do not find in the big department stores.

In the middle of Ku'damm you will also find the Saturn department store, which trades in electronics. Among other things, they have an entire floor with washing machines, refrigerators and the like - even though it is no longer relevant for the tourist on a shopping trip! However, there are also floors with games, music and computers.

But be careful when buying games or movies. Germany is a big market and you expect things in your own language. So many movies are post-synced in German and the games' menus are in German as well. However, there are often other languages as well, but look carefully before buying.

As always in streets with many shops and close it is important to keep the cards close to the body, here especially the credit card, the cash and the mobile. It is an obvious place for pickpockets and there is no reason to make it too easy for them.

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