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Pergamon museet – antikken, islamisk kunst

Pergamon Museum - Ancient, Islamic Art

The Pergamon Museum's archaeological collections – one of many museums on Museums Insel – contain ancient Egyptian, Hellenistic and Byzantine cultures in the Middle East. Among other things, the beautiful Pergamon Altar, and from Babylon comes the Isthar Gate. Pergamon was an ancient city in northwestern Anatolia, the ruins of which are found near the modern Turkish city of Bergama. The museum was built in the period 1910-30, but suffered a…

Naturhistorisk Museum – Museum für Naturkunde

Natural History Museum - Museum of Natural History

Germany's largest natural history museum "Museum für Naturkunde" is probably best known for the huge dinosaur that stands in the middle of the museum's main hall (actually it is the largest total dinosaur skeleton in the whole world), but contains an unimaginable number of other animals, plants and minerals . If you are even remotely interested in science, this place is for sure…